Oris Hölstein Watches

Oris Hölstein Watches

The Oris Hölstein watch collection strictly adheres to its primary value of watchmaking by delivering high-end, reliable pieces. The Oris Hölstein watch line offers professional, sleek designs fit for any occasion. Craftsmanship, independence, and quality remain the focus of every Oris Hölstein watch. Whether you prefer a sport-style watch, a vintage look, or an eye-catching dial display, the Oris Hölstein wristwatch series will pique your interest. It can be challenging to find original Oris Hölstein watches for sale. If you are looking for the best place to buy Oris Hölstein watches, Exquisite Timepieces can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces is an Oris Hölstein watch authorized dealer.


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Brand Review: Oris Hölstein Watches

The History of Oris Hölstein Watches

Founded in 1904 by the duo Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, the company got its name from a local stream and valley near Hölstein town in Switzerland. The Swiss brand quickly succeeded, and by 1911 the company had expanded factories in neighboring cities, employed over 300 workers, and constructed permanent residents for the staff.
In 1925, their first wristwatch, the Big Crown, was released. The iconic model received an overwhelming purchase due to its design and the Unique Pointer Calendar function. Oris Hölstein, later in 1952, released the Caliber 601, their first automatic movement Oris chronograph.
In the 1960s, they had recovered from world war, and the business blossomed. However, this was short-lived due to the Quartz crisis that forced them to reduce workers. The status raised later in 1982, and just before the business celebrated its first century, it became an influential force in the watchmaking industry worldwide.
The start of the new millennium continued to be good for business, and Oris Hölstein launched several watches as an addition to their collections through an individual in house efforts, partnerships, and also collaborations. TTI, Diver, Artelier, and Williams F1 collection watches are among the new millennium watches.

Philosophy of Oris Hölstein Watches

Go Your Own Way is Oris’s philosophy. It is meant to promote the brands' primary values of craftsmanship, independence, and quality. To make this possible, the company partners with personalities of like mind. Besides, they have partnered for a cause in various activities among them being conservation for dolphins and whales and Screening the pacific garbage. Oris Hölstein is among the few Swiss brands making luxury watches. These watches have the red rotor design, which symbolizes the company's mechanical approach in watchmaking. To understand the Oris watches better, let’s focus on the following:

Oris Price Comparison with other brands

Oris beats many brands in the market. However, let’s compare the Tag Heuer brand and Oris. Both are successful brands, very popular, and have been in business for over a century. A Tag Heuer is more costly than an Oris.
Note that this difference in price is not due to quality because both watches are of quality making. The French-owned Tag Heuer has multiple celebrities and media endorsements, and this greatly affects the watch prices.
Oris is an affordable and value-added luxury you need to acquire today. You cannot compare Oris watch price with high-end horology brands like Vacheron Constantin, Philippe, or Audemars Piguet. However, it remains the Swiss-made mechanical watch brand that guarantees quality and value.

Oris Watch Movements

Oris watches for sale uses different mechanical movements. Note that their watches are not battery powered. Instead, the watches are powered by mechanical calibers made of springs. Oris modifies the modular movement by the addition of features based on what they need.
For instance, the Big Crown ProPilot has a GMT and uses Oris Caliber 690 that has an additional base of ETA2836-2 caliber for Oris automatic purposes. Oris rectangular is an example of Oris automatic watch

Oris Watch Quality

Both Oris men’s watch and Oris women watch are of high quality, and this is one feature that attracts buyers. The red rotors assure quality, and buyers know that the watches are genuine and made directly from the company. It is the value-added luxury brand of your choice. You need to be prepared to pay for quality. That does not mean the price is high. It is low compared to other brands, and both have the same features. To be honest, what you get at Oris will exceed your expectations.

Oris Watch Accuracy

The accuracy of Oris watches is not doubtable. These timepieces are very reliable, and the company is COSC certified, assuring you of quality. Talking of quality, it helps to mention that Oris watch movements are highly regulated. Also, whether it is ETA or Selitta based, the parameters are accurately fixed.

Oris Watch Value

If you want the best value from a Swiss-made watch, then think about Oris watches. You might be wondering why their prices are lower compared to other Swiss brands like TAG Heuer. The reason is the Oris Company’s mission is to create high-quality watches that an average layperson can afford.
The chances are that a good quality watch at Oris goes at the same price with a battery-powered TAG Heuer Quartz watch. That evidences the value of the Oris watches.

Oris Watch Warranty Policy

Oris has an international sales warranty limited to 23 months from the date of purchase. Once you acquire the watch, Oris’s website makes it easy for you to check the warranty status. Just feed your serial number or warranty code, and the details will show up. Through your authorized dealer, you can also access the repair and polishing services.

Oris Watch Collections

Oris watches fall in different categories. These watches are versatile and based on what you want; you will get your preference from either of the categories. The four categories include Aviation, Motorsport, Diving, and culture. Read on for a detailed explanation of each category.

Oris Diving Watch Collection

Many people take diving as either a profession or a hobby. If you fall in either category, these watches are there for you. Due to their capability to hold pressure at deep levels, remain waterproof, and with no signs of rust, they get many buyers. Scuba divers, professional swimmers, diving instructors and individuals involved in constant subaquatic activities are best suited for these timepieces. They include:

Oris Aquis Watch Collection

The Oris Aquis series involves several watches. One of them being the Oceans Project edition watch that is based on the classic Oris Aquis chronograph meant for letting people know about the world's ocean threat. Other watches in the Oris Aquis collection include the Oris Aquis depth gauge, Oris Aquis titanium, Oris Aquis Hammerhead Limited Edition, Oris staghorn, among others.
The stainless steel and blue dialed watch were originally made at 43mm. Those preferring the large version are free to choose the 43.5mm wide Oris Aquis Watch. The Oris Aquis 39.5mm is water-resistant to 300 meters, and the size makes it very wearable.
Powered by the Sellita movement like the previous Oris Dives 65, people have loved Oris Aquis GMT Date due to its good looks, size, tech capability and high water resistance. These watches, at times, come with different strap material.

Oris Divers

Oris dive watch models have been there since the 1960s. However, the new models try to add aesthetic vintage features and technology advancements. With varying technologies, you can choose what suits you best. A good example is the Oris Divers Sixty Five.
Oris diver 65 40mm, has scratch-free sapphire crystal, and resistant to water at 100m. It contains the anti-rust stainless steel making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. It is an excellent dress watch and has an anti-reflective coating to enhance readability in water. Other than the Oris 65, Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph, named after the first African American navy, continues to stand out among the peers.
The Oris line on sporty water resistances watches has transitioned from 42, 40mm and now the Oris diver 65 36mmthat is suitable for wrists of all sizes. Oris sixty-five 36mm has an awesome glossy blue dial with various strap choices you can choose.

Oris ProDiver

Oris Provider has the Oris Patented RSS bezel rocking system. It suits professionals who are diving for serious business. The titanium case, rubber strapped, and 1OOOm water resistance watch offers the best experience to the divers. It can be a ProDiver GMT or the Oris ProDiver Chronograph that has the Rotation Safety System.

Oris Culture Watch Collection

Who doesn’t love a classic looking watch? Well, your most definite answer will be yes because everybody loves them. The culture collection has classic watches you need to give a try. Not forgetting the limited editions that come up to pay tribute to cultural and artistic influences. These watches are:

Oris Artelier Watch

Oris Artelier focuses and showcases the company in house calibers. This is showcased in Calibers 110, 111, 112, and 113 watches. Many watches fall in this line, with advanced technologies, excellent design, varying straps, chronometers among others. Oris Classic Date is among the watches here with Oris Artelier complication, excellent style, stainless steel case, and engraved indices and numerals.

Oris Aviation Watch Collection

The aviation collection aims to showcase Oris pilot watches directed towards the aviators, pilots, general aeronauts, or any other person interested in pilot watches. They include:

Oris Big Crown ProPilot Watch

The classic pilot watch is made for aeronaut enthusiasts, especially pilots who value the aesthetic nature and functionality of the cockpit. These Oris Propilot watches have luminous hands and markers, a big case that has bold numerals and a day window. Each Oris Big Crown Propilot model has its features. Oris Big Crown ProPilot X and Oris Baselworld 2019 have advanced features.

Oris Big Crown

If you need a classic pilot watch design, then Oris’s big crown collection is the best choice. It highlights the brands' design. The styles used are vintage, with a modern touch. Oris Big Crown, the 40mm watch has a unique look and was the first brand dedicated to aviation. It has a symbol in 1917 to show its rich history.
Oris BC4 Retrograde Day has excellent design and precision detail. Due to its comfort, reputation, quality, and elegance, the stainless steel timepiece is the real deal in the aviation industry.
Oris BC3 Advanced Day-Date watch is a sporty timepiece wide a range of features. They include the sapphire top, automatic movement, and a variety of dials. The choices of strap vary but the majority prefer leather or black rubber strap.

Oris Motor Sports Watch Collection

These are watches made for individuals with a passion for motorsports. Because these watches are made with close collaboration with the motor racing professionals like racecar drivers, they tend to get very high demand.

These watches fall into four categories, which include:

  • Oris Chronoris. Oris Chronoris watches are racing-inspired watches with a history of uniqueness since the 1970s.
  • Oris Williams series. In 2003, Oris Williams watches came out from a partnership with the renowned Williams Formula 1 team. Oris Williams FW41, Titanium Oris Williams Chronograph C.F.C, and the new Chronograph Carbon Fiber Extreme are watches from the Oris WilliamsF1 series.
  • Oris Artix GT. The Oris Artix collection features watches that are appropriate for sporting and daily wear.
  • Oris TT1. Made for motorsport enthusiasts.

Mechanical brains

Since I925, the company has been producing mechanical wristwatches without batteries. Such experience is immeasurable. All these watches have excellent design and beauty without becoming outdated for generations.

Oris Watchmaking Since 1904

The long history speaks volumes. Existence for over a century in business is no joke. Perfecting the art through innovation, considering customer satisfaction first, and good management is key in the survival of the brand.

Oris Watches - Swiss Made

It is no doubt that Swiss watches top the list of the best watches in the world today. Being Swiss made comes with a quality tag and approval after quality testing, and this guarantees value. Do not be deceived that everything made in Switzerland is Swiss made.

Oris is entirely Independent

You will not be dealing with a group of companies but an independent watch company. Being independent comes with responsibilities, and they have to maintain their services to retain customers. Value and integrity have kept the Oris Company for over a century.

Review Wrap-up: Oris Watches

All the above watches feature both the Oris men watches and Oris women watches. Check our store and get to enjoy the best luxury deals ever. Happy purchase!

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