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The Seiko Astron watch collection is well-known in the global watchmaking community for its innovative mechanisms and robust, elegant style. The Seiko Astron watch line has earned a reputation as one of the leading luxury watch brands to incorporate GPS technology. This built-in mechanism allows automatic syncing, an impressive feature that delivers the precise hour, no matter the timezone. As an analog, solar-powered timepiece, you can expect excellent reliability, regardless of your geographic location. It can be challenging to find original Seiko Astron watches for sale, especially without help. If you are trying to find the best place to buy Seiko Astron watches, Exquisite Timepieces can aid you. Exquisite Timepieces is a Seiko Astron watch authorized dealer.


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Seiko Astron Review

In 1969, on Christmas day, the world’s watch history was revolutionized with the launch of the world’s first quartz wristwatch,” Seiko Astron.” At its inauguration ceremony, “Seiko” claimed that the Seiko Astron line would set industry standards with its high tech innovations. Ever since the Japanese firm is mastering the technology of the time and their revolutionary invention, “Seiko Astron” has coveted watch admirer with its highly acclaimed sophisticated sense of elegance and style. An incredible improvement in wristwatch timepiece is “Seiko Astron GPS smartwatch” this watch is a masterpiece representing the current apex of Japanese watches technology.


Features of Seiko Astron GPS watch

The Seiko Astron brand was opened to the public in 2012 and was known as a leader in GPS tech. The Seiko Astron is an analog, solar-powered watch that comes with automatic syncing with GPS signals and an in-built ability to adjust precisely with local time at any time zone on the globe.
Seiko and Citizen, the two fierce competitors, offering GPS watches, so which one is more reliable? Does it live up to its promise of being one of its kinds?

With its particular built-in technology, it can connect to all 39 time zones in all over the world; also it first determines its time zone and then compares it to its incorporated database that works on a methodology where the earth is divided into one million square, and each one belongs to separate time zone. That is incredible and beyond any other watch’s range. This technology is so advanced that it even works in the middle of the ocean, the mountain top, and deserts or in Antarctica, where no radio controlled watches can receive signals.
Another edge the Astron watches have on Citizen’s original satellite Wave is that it automatically detects time zone while the Citizen watch only receives the GPS signals but cannot locate GPS geolocation.
The “Astron” is a Greek word used for stars, and the Astron watches live up to its word “Astron” being a “solar-powered” watch, with this feature you can get right time no matter in which time zone you are in, it can accurately update the time. Moreover, the watch can receive signals from more than one satellite signal at a time, hence the most accurate time will you get.
The Astron watches can automatically sync with the GPS signals once each day, which can be done either by direct exposure to sunlight or any other substantial source of light. So there is no need for manually battery recharge.


Prospects why you should buy Seiko Astron for yourself?

  • With its honed and perfect GPS Geo-location function, you can easily travel in any part of the world, and it takes 30 seconds only to change the time zone. So a very sophisticated travel-friendly watch. A precious gift for travelers who travel a lot.
  • Not only business people and travelers favor the Astron watches, but also many celebrates and athletes are enticed by its natural and well-designed finished look. Get the ultimate luxury style look with glossy super-clear glass combined with Zara-scouring finish case.


Seiko Astron Models available in market

The Seiko Astron lineups are 5 of its kind available on the market.

5x Series: Astron SSH019J1, Astron SSH021J1, Astron SSH023J1, Astron SSH024J1, Astron SSH001J1, Astron SSH003J1, Astron SSH006J1, Astron SSH 006J1, Astron SSH009J1, Astron SSH011J1.

Executive Sports Line: Astron SSH167J1, Astron SSH169J1, Astron SSH170J1, Astron SSH174J1

Executive Line: Astron SSE127j1, Astron SSE129J1

8x Series Chronograph
8x Series Dual-time


Seiko Astron 5X Watch Series

Seiko Astron solar 5x series was firstly launched in 2012 sand it updated version came in 2015, these solar watches are controlled through GPS to be more accurate, and a new caliber is being used in 5x series with more advanced functionality than that of 8x series.

  • The new 5x caliber in considerably smaller and thinner to 42.9mm x 12.2mm as that of previous Astron GPS solar watch with 44.6 mm diameter. The watch is more fast and shrewd; all this is because most of the parts are re-engineered to get high efficiency and accuracy.
  • The GPS technology is highly controlled and precise, and the time zone can be switched within 3 seconds.
  • The watch is connected to the corresponding satellite network twice a day, once the sensor gets exposure to the direct sunlight.


Case and Bracelet

The bracelet is highly comfortable and light-weight because it is made of titanium. The bracelet is highly adjustable to the changing temperature and does not irritate. Another inspiring feature is that with a touch of a button you can readjust the length of the watch that is highly important when you need to adjust the length of the watch due to change in temperature.
The case is also made of titanium, and the famous tent of “Seiko Zaratsu polishing” generously applied on the case gave it an intrinsic sophisticated touch.

Price: The price range for SSH003j1 in USA will be $2,062 USD.


Seiko Astron Executive Sports Watches Line

The Astron executive sports series was launched in 2017, and the watch series was observed with a massive hit. Afterward, the series was expanded with further modification keeping in view the sports and celebrities who needed a watch that works equally great in the outdoors and during travel.
The executive sports line offers all exclusive features of a unique solar GPS technology combined with durability, elegance, and water resistance feature.
The executive sports line characteristics 8x53 caliber with an AM/PM indicator and dual time sub-dial.


The Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition SSE174

The Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition. SSE174 is a masterpiece by Seiko dedicated to tennis superstar and brand ambassador Novak Djokovic tennis player, other than some unique feature the most prominent feature is the color palate scheme that is inspired by Kjokovic play style. The golden combination of the crown guard stands out the most with accented highlights of gold on the dial that, according to Seiko, depicts the “aggressive yet controlled style of play” by Novak Djokovic. The dial is fairly inspirational was a star at the number 8 tributes an honor to Novak for being one of only eight male players who created history by achieving a career in Grand Slam.


Specifications of Seiko Solar Executive Sports Series

  • 8X53 caliber powers the sports watch.
  • The time zone is controlled and updated by GPS technology.
  • Dual time indication both with AM/PM.
  • It can operate in all 39 time zones.
  • DTS(Daylight saving technology) function enabled
  • High water resistance technology beyond any other Astron reach
  • Wider hands in LumiBrite, the watch is highly legible even in the dark when lights go off for hours, so a perfect watch for yacht adventure.
  • A crown guard and a perfect titanium case enhance the durability of the watch, and this specially designed structure protects the watch against any shock and blow.
  • The silicon strap is highly comfortable and fits on any size of wrist easily, get sophisticated classy-look with extra-strength and comfort.
  • To avoid any inconvenience while boarding a plane, the in-flight mode disables the GPS signal reception function.


8X Series Astron Chronograph Watches Collection

The new Astron chronograph watches are 6 in numbers and surprisingly more versatile and complex function watch. These watches are much thinner, smaller, and lighter than the preceding watches and can sync time and time zone via GPS at the same time. The Astron Chronograph watches are full-sized but at the same time, these are much thinner and incredibly much lighter than the previous models. Despite the reduced size, which is a significant accomplishment, the watches have a spectacular in-demand color palette and all the great features of any other Astron watches. The SSE001 is the new limited edition to the 8X series and possibly the most admired one. The watch comes with a unique white color dial and a spectacular bracelet with a black croc strap. This great iconic watch is made from titanium and an invisible hard coating to make it shockproof.
The SSE005 is a continuous piece with a blue bezel ceramic dial. Its size is the same 44.6 mm and titanium case with a hard coating.
The SSE006 is one of its kinds with a ceramic bezel with a completely black dial, and the coating and strap color are also black.


8x series Dual Time Astron Watches

These watches are mainly designed for regular travelers who travel a lot and continuously change the time zones. The Seiko Astron Dual time watches can calibrate signals anywhere in the world with their advanced GPS technology, so there is no fuss of manual reset of timepieces, and the dual-time functionally can receive signals from any time zone.

Specifications of Dual Time Seiko Astron Watches

  • A clear Day Display on the dial.
  • Inbuilt DST technology( Daylight saving technology)
  • Crystal clear-coating
  • Dual-Time function and automatically changes time according to the time zone.
  • The in-flight mode function that automatically disables GPS signal reception to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Highly water-resistant
  • The case made of scratch-proof titanium
  • The diameter of the case is 44mm x13.3mm.
  • The bezel is highly durable, made from ceramic.
  • Each case is polished in Japan with hand, using zaratsu technique, which makes it distortion-free.

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